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Carla pushes me beyond my expectations in EVERY training session. Nothing is routine.......she constantly is exposing me to new training exercises. At 5:30am I feel tired but by 6:30am I'm ready to rock n roll.

Ike Brown , Vice-Chairman/Owner , National Freight Industries, Dallas, TX.

I have gone from thinking "I have to workout today", to thinking; a trainer was too expensive, and to I deserve to spend some time and money on myself, to actually being excited and looking forward to my workout with Carla. Carla's training has helped me to understand the roll and value of strength training and personal training in improving my overall fitness. After years of debating whether I should spend the money or time and thinking I already knew what to do it is amazing what I have learned and how much I truly enjoy my personal training sessions.

Cynthia Grantham, Secretary to Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper , The Cooper Clinic, Dallas, TX

Carla has the ability to take a lot of research knowledge and current practice methods related to fitness, training and nutrition and deliver them to an audience in a manner they understand. She’s very approachable so people feel comfortable seeking answers to their fitness questions. She’s helped me revive my interest in resistant training. She has customized my sessions to meet goals yet be mindful that I’ll soon be running a marathon. I feel like I am right on target and stronger than ever.

Rebecca Wallace, Run On Racing Systems, Dallas, TX

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